We will help you bring order to your financial life and assist you in getting your finances in order.


Once we understand your personal financial situation we will ensure we provide the correct knowledge for you to succeed.


We will make sure you follow through on your financial commitments by working with you to prioritise your goals.


We will work with you to anticipate life's hurdles and ensure you have an action plan to address them.

Whatever stage of life, we can help make the most of your finances.

We consider your circumstances, help you to set goals and develop a financial plan to get you there.

At RI BONDI, we have the experience and the resources to help you accumulate wealth, grow it and protect it.

Financial advice is as much about lifestyle and relationships, as money – that’s why our clients call on us for financial advice time and time again as their circumstances change over the years.

We are part of RI Advice Group, formerly RetireInvest, one of Australia's largest and longest-established financial advisory groups.